Direct lending

Direct Lending

Direct lending is a bilateral credit facility, easy, fast and cost-efficient. It especially suits medium-long term financial needs for amounts below EUR 5M.

This kind of investment opportunities also find a space on our fintech platform:  companies can thus reach several different potential lenders, with a complete set of documents, including a credit risk analysis performed by our Business Intelligence unit.

Epic therefore takes care of all the steps, from initial request to the signing of the loan contract between the company and the identified lender.

The direct lending process with Epic

  • business intelligence
    Step 1: business intelligence
    Epic performs a thorough financial analysis, based on the company's annual reports, and calculates a credit risk scoring. In this phase we also check if a guarantee for the loan amount would be granted.
  • Analisi dossier
    Step 2: eligibility check
    Epic matches the financial analysis results and the credit risk scoring with the potential lenders' criteria, and the most appropriate subjects are thus identified.
  • Investitori
    Step 3: investor due diligence
    Epic uploads the information package on the platform, where the identified potential lenders can browse and carry out their due diligence.
  • time to cash
    Step 4: time to cash
    Epic assists the company in the closing phase of the transaction, until the signing day of the loan agreement between the client and the identified lender.


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