Raise capital

When companies raise capital outside of the traditional banking channel, thus diversifying their financing sources, they can count on capital that meet their same medium-long term needs and cover their growth plans, besides improving their visibility with clients and providers.

Epic represents a bridge between companies seeking capital to finance their growth plans and investors seeking a new asset class to enhance their portfolios’ yield: this is reached through a digital platform and a streamlined process.  Investments can be in form of private debt (minibond), equity, or direct lending (institutional investors only).


  • Transparency and control

    Companies have control on who can access their classified documents and can choose investors with whom the transactions can be closed.

  • Process efficiency

    The platform enables dialogue and negotiation between companies and investors, the information flow is simplified by using the same template.

  • A reliable and secure partner

    Epic is an investment company supervised by Consob and Bank of Italy.

  • Cost efficiency

    There are less intermediaries compared to a typical securities placement process, the negotiation with several investors can lead to a better pricing for the company.

  • New financing channel

    A financing sources which is complementary to banks, a direct connection between companies and investors.

  • Selected investors

    Epic is a regulated private investment community. Institutional and private investors must meet MiFID requirements for qualified investors.

Raise capital up to EUR 5M

A bond is not always the most appropriate solution to the medium-long term financial needs of a company. This is particularly true when the company's project requires an investment amount between 1 and 5 million Euros.

For such cases Epic opens the direct lending channel. This means loans supplied by funds or specialized banks. It is a bilateral form of credit, faster and with a simpler process (compared to issuing a bond), which gives companies a tangible support to their growth. 

With direct lending transactions speed is of the utmost importance: thanks to technology, Epic can perform a thorough credit risk analysis based on annual reports and data from the Central Credit Register. The credit risk analysis results are presented in a template document that helps and quickens the decision process with the lender. The document contents include a credit risk scoring, the company's history, the availability of a public guarantee and a forecast of data development based on different scenarios.