Epic is now Nomad on AIM Italia



Borsa Italiana has granted Epic SIM the qualification of Nomad, which is a fundamental role on the AIM Italia market: Nomad in fact acts as a tutor for companies, supervising the due diligence process and has the responsibility of confirming that the company is suitable for admission to listing. Besides, a Nomad assists companies as long as they are listed on the market and makes sure that companies comply with the rules in terms of transparency and information to the market.

The mission of Epic has always been that of using fintech to help Italian SMEs to access capital markets, which represent an alternative source of financing. On the investors' side there is a focus on Italian SMEs, also due to the introduction of the PIR instrument. In Epic we believe that AIM Italia may give visibility to the top quality industrial enterprises in our country.

AIM Italia is the market segment of Borsa Italiana dedicated to SMEs, helping companies in raising capital and gaining visibility, standing and governance control.

As of today, 22 Nomads are registered with Borsa Italiana.