Epic’s private investment community is made of institutional and qualified private investors, who can analyze investment opportunities in bonds or equity instruments issued by SMEs in a simple and cost-efficient way: the technology of our platform enables a direct connection between the parties, which means less intermediaries, and the information package for each opportunity is presented using the same template, which reduces the time for analysis.


  • Less intermediaries

    The platform enables the direct contact and information flow between companies and investors.

  • Analysis made simple

    The information package is presented using the same template for all investment opportunities, thus making the comparison easy.

  • Invest like a Pro

    The information package can be enriched thanks to the due diligence process by institutional investors, who act as lead investors.

  • After-sale service

    In the restricted dataroom area investors stay in contact with the companies and receive information update (e.g. corporate actions, annual reports) throughout the life of the financial instrument.

  • No need to open any new accounts

    Investors will settle transactions through their own bank, and are not requested to open any checking or securities account with Epic.

  • Tax benefit

    All investment opportunities on Epic are PIR-compliant (Individual Saving Plans) and benefit of the relevant tax relief.

Investing in real economy not for everyone, but is good for everyone. Access to the capital markets is useful for the growth of Italian SMEs: not only it means new funding, but also a necessary governance protocol and transparency, which is fundamental to meet investors. In order to encourage investments in real economy, the latest law decrees on financial matters have provided more and more tax benefits for investors in innovative startup companies, then innovative SMEs, then also in PIR, the latter with a duty to invest in companies different from those of the FTSE MIB 40 index.

The yields of an investment in SMEs are higher than other financial instruments, but the risks associated are also higher. The analysis of a SME can be complex and it often implies a direct and deep know-how in the specific industry, besides the fundamental data. For this reason Epic is only accessible by professional investors with specific qualifications, who have the experience, know-how and competence to assess investment risks and make their own investment decisions.