The advantages

Specific requirements are necessary to join the platform, investors must be "qualified" under MiFID / Consob regulation.

The platform facilitates the connection, discussion and exchange of information between SMEs and investors, but participants have complete autonomy: companies can choose which investors can access their data-room, and investors can choose among different investment opportunities by differente companies. Both companies and investors may be assisted by their own advisors.

It creates an ongoing dialogue between SMEs and investors. The platform's technology enables the creation of a true digital network. For each investment opportunity there’s a restricted area (dataroom) with a forum for discussion between the company and approved investors.

Investment opportunities are presented under the same template, thus helping comparison and analysis. Investors are not required to open any checking account or securities account with Epic, nor with the settlement agent.

In a restricted area, investors can stay in touch with companies and access post-issue updates (eg. corporate actions, quarterly price indications, new budgets).

Thanks to fewer intermediaries involved, and thanks to templates provided by Epic for the information memorandum and business plan, as well as for the termsheet and conditions (in case of debt securities).

The mediation is conducted in full compliance with the regulation.