How it works

Epic has created the first fintech platform where small- and medium-size companies (SMEs) can present their development projects to a selected audience of professional investors.

Investors, in turn, can analise investment opportunities in a transparent, prompt, cost-efficient and "social" way, thanks to the standard format of the information on the platform, provided not only by companies, but also by independent entities (eg. rating agencies and research firms) and by the investors community. Investments may take the form of bonds, shares, convertible bonds, commercial papers or loans.

Epic process

  • Dossier
    Step 1
    The company uploads the required data and documents (financial statements, management profiles, business plan, etc.) and details of the proposed deal, using Epic templates.
  • Analisi dossier
    Step 2
    Investors, subject to the company’s approval, can download the documents and interact with the company and other investors in a restricted area (dataroom).
  • Investitori
    Step 3
    Investors may then submit an indication of interest to subscribe the proposed financial instrument (detailing price, amount and any covenants).
  • Trattativa conclusa
    Step 4
    Among all indications of interest received, the company selects the desired ones at its own discretion, and the terms of the transaction are confirmed. Settlement occurs outside the Epic platform, through a bank acting as settlement hub.