Limited companies who are willing to raise funds for industrial development projects by issuing bonds or shares, can subscribe to Epic.
The minimum requirements for debt transactions are:

  • certification of latest annual report (or commitment to certify it before the transaction is closed)
  • minimum EBITDA of Euro 3M
  • ratio Net Financial Debt / EBITDA below 5X
  • availability to request a rating opinion by an ESMA approved agency
  • no defaults on any interest obligations in the past 12 months
  • use of proceeds preferably for development plans (organic growth or acquisitions)

For equity transactions Epic will evaluate case by case, considering the company's industry and dimension, economic indicators, growth perspectives, structure of the transaction, use of proceeds. 

With reference to startup companies, Epic is available for partnerships with incubators and their network of investors.

At the moment, Epic excludes companies operating in the real estate, financial and gambling sectors. 


Three simple steps to join:

1. the company fills in the online application form;
2. Epic evaluates contacts the company to gather further information on their data and financial targets;
3. after signing the membership agreement the company can publish their proposed transactions and meet investors on the Epic platform.

Request Epic membership as a Company




Access to Epic is only allowed to institutional investors and qualified private investors meeting Epic's prerequisites which are drafted following MiFID / Consob rules for professional clients.

Institutional investors are, for example: investment funds, banks, insurance companies, investment firms, pension funds.

Request Epic membership as an Institutional Investor


Individual investors can qualify as professional clients if they meet two requirements set by Epic in accordance with Consob / MiFID regulations. Both requirements aim at identifying those investors who have the experience, knowledge and expertise to make investment decisions and properly assess their risks:

1. the value of the investor's financial instrument portfolio, including cash deposits, exceeds Euro 500,000;
2. professional experience:

  • at least 1 year as Director, executive, manager, private banker or financial advisor for a regulated financial intermediary or insurance company; or
  • at least 3 years in an administrative, controlling or management role in companies; professional activity related to the banking, financial, securities or insurance business; professor in law or economics; administrative or managerial roles in public entities or public administrations related to banking, finance, securities or insurance business. 

Admission is subject to the verification of regulatory requirements and is granted discretionally by Epic.

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Three simple steps to join:

1. fill in the online application form (Private individual) / (corporate entity (persona giuridica)) and Epic will evaluate your request;
2. if the outcome is positive, you'll be admitted to the community and receive a personal code;
3. with your personal code you will sign online the membership agreement and access all the platform contents.

Request Epic membership as a private professional investor: Private individual / corporate entity (persona giuridica)